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                                                       1.  Do you believe your thoughts are things?
                                                       2.  Do you believe you have the right to limitless prosperity?
                                                      3.  Do you believe you deserve more blessings than failures? Silly questions, right?
  As AMAZING and FABULOUS women, yes, YOU are! We invite you to join other amazing and fabulous women as

  we celebrate positive thinking power! When your wonderful life is NOT working you must take

  positive control over your thoughts, right?! Just like feeding your body good food and exercising to maintain and

  enhance your physical well-being, you must keep feeding your wonderful mind positive and empowering thoughts        
  to maintain and enhance your mental well-being, attracting the wonderful life YOU intend and deserve!

                                                                                      I invite ALL of you to join: 


                                           Oya Thomas, Singer/Speaker/Author of The 5 Star Points For Success

             Cheryl Holland, Lifestyle Mentor/Author of Have Your Cake & Eat It Too! 
Yvette Kelley, Professional Speaker/Positivity Expert/Author of Secrets To Empowering Me! 
 Joy McElve
en,  Actress/Model/Singer overcoming and doing the impossible, says Joy  

                                 Danielle Truitt, Wife/Mother/Actor/Singer/Producer/Grow Coach

as we women breathe POSITIVITY into the greatest gift given to ALL of us - our wonderful minds!

                                         DATE:  October 24, 2015, Saturday
                                         LOCATION:  Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa, 1220 Arden Hills Lane, Sacramento, CA  95864

                                         REGISTRATION:  9am-10am

                                         CONFERENCE:  10am-4pm

  Lastly, will you really let worry, doubt and e.g.o. keep you from missing out on ALL the POSITIVITY excitement?!

  In the meantime connect with us below and find out what other positive thinkers are doing and saying about

  Yvette Kelley and Positive Connections To The World, LLC.  

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"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!" One-Day Women's Conference w/Buffet Luncheon Included

Women's Conference Registration

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