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"Your Positive Reflection vs the Darkness"

Your positive reflection is seen in the light. A clean mirror will reflect your image. Good or evil. Happiness or sadness. Humility or vanity. Leave your image (thoughts) clean. Clear all the hidden darkness of vanity (e.g.o.) Acronym for ego Exiting God Out Blessings will shine upon you. Keep your mirror, (the positive thoughts) the images of your mind clean (positive) in order to receive all your blessings, to receive all your gifts, to receive all your light. The positive images (thoughts) of your mind, when filled with optimistic images, will not change, it is not obscure (darkness). Here are 3 empowering suggestions: 1. Improve yourself - You will read an empowering book - just a paragraph, it's a start. 2. Improve your mind - Talk with someone who makes you laugh. 3. Improve your potential - You will say a positive "yes" to someone. Remember practice makes perfect! Improve yourself and fulfill your positive and awesome destiny! Repeat after me, "I am awesome!" Be Blessed! Be Awesome/Authentic! Be Positive!

"Empowering YOU to Empower YOU!" Yvette

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