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Time is your friend through positive thinking

This very instant, right now think of all there is of light (positive thoughts), darkness (negative thoughts) can not intrude.

Imagine all your positive thoughts as liberating. 1. Are you ready to be all your positive thoughts? 2. Are you ready to be all your positive energy? 3. Are you ready to be limitless? - Exceed your blessed potential (Positive thinking only).

In an instant you can change your thoughts. How long is an instant? 1. As long as it can take to establish perfect peace and love. 2. As long as it can take to remember life is a gift. 3. As long as it can take to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Time is a friend when you accept positive thinking. Positive thinking is not fleeting. Positive thinking will offer you the whole lesson of PEACE.

Time has no meaning when all obstacles (negative thinking) have been replaced with limitless opportunity and positive thinking. The thoughts of peace are eternal because it is without fear.

Easy does it positive thinking is a journey, not a sprint! Blessings and positive thinking successes & more!

Be Blessed! Be Awesome/Authentic! Be Positive! Yvette

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